Commercial Fundamentals in Upstream Oil & Gas

This intensive course introduces the fundamental commercial elements of the upstream oil & gas industry, enabling participants to understand and manage the key commercial structures, agreements and risks in major onshore and offshore projects worldwide.

What you will learn

  • An appreciation of the relationships between all components of the commercial structures and players within the industry
  • A theoretical and practical grasp of the key elements of the main agreements and structures widely used within the industry
  • Crucial techniques needed for dispute management and resolving issues that arise when commercial agreements go wrong
  • A thorough understanding of the complex financial aspects relevant to the upstream industry, including project finance and M&A
  • An understanding of how commercial contracts are central to risk management
  • Key skills and knowledge needed for successful decision making and commercial/portfolio management

Principal Trainer(s)
David McGough / Dr Yvonne Barton

Course Outline

1. Overview of the Oil & Gas Industry
2.Agreements Governing Oil & Gas Investments
3.Upstream Joint Venture Agreements
4.Unitisation and Unit Operating Agreements
5.Oil and Oil product sales
6.Gas Sales
7.Oil & Gas Infrastructure Use Agreements
8.Disputes and their Resolution
9.Financial Aspects of Upstream Commercial
10.Managing Risks in Upstream Projects
11.Portfolio Management
12.Corporate and Investment Decision Making

The course uses a number of recent case studies and exercises to help participants understand and apply the key commercial elements