LNG Bunkering Insight Masterclass

This is a two day comprehensive course which includes theoretical and practical information on all aspects of the LNG bunkering systems covering bunker tanker and LNG fuel receiving vessel, integrating together. The focus of the course will be on the management of safety, bunkering system design, vessel operations, bunkering methods as well as custody transfer dispute resolution. This course integrates up-to-date case studies, video clips and exercises for a real hands on experience.

What will you learn

  • Overview of LNG bunkering
  • The latest technologies in LNG bunkering
  • How to operate an LNG bunkering system
  • Learn about the risks involved in LNG Bunkering
  • Learn the economics associated with LNG bunkering
  • How to create a safe supply of LNG as a marine fuel
  • Learn about the safety aspects of LNG bunkering

Principle Trainer

Tushar Poddar

Course Outline

  • Fundamental understanding of LNG bunkering
  • Insight into LNG bunkering technology
  • Operating procedures for LNG bunkering
  • LNG bunkering & transfer operations
  • Risks associated with LNG bunkering operations
  • Creating a solution for a safe supply