Negotiating & Pricing of Successful Gas & LNG Contracts

Attendance of this specialist, thorough and dynamic course, will provide the delegate with the practical knowledge and applications to choose, negotiate and structure contracts more effectively, while also having strategies in place to minimise the inherent risks involved.

What you will learn

  • Effective guidance for concluding gas and LNG sales agreements
  • An insight in to the way in which buyers and sellers view and negotiate gas and LNG sales agreements
  • A detailed understanding of the terms that are important in these transactions
  • An appreciation of how pricing in contracts is approached in different markets
  • A thorough grasp of the inherent risks in a gas or LNG project, and how these risks are addressed within the gas and LNG sales agreement
  • A highly practical approach to possible issues and solutions that arise with such contracts, with the extensive use of current case studies
  • A risk matrix of an entire project showing the balance and interaction between its various elements

Principal Trainer(s)
Anthony Way

Course Outline

  • The Contractual Chain in Gas Development
  • The Essence of the LNG and Gas Sales Contract
  • Current Practice in Gas and LNG Sales Contracts
  • Price Terms in Pipeline Gas Contracts
  • Price Terms in LNG Contracts
  • European Traded Gas Markets
  • US Traded Gas Market
  • Arbitrage and Value Creation
  • Dispute Resolution
  • The Full Gas Sales Contract
  • LNG Regasification Terminal Throughput
  • Economic Assessment of Gas Contracts
  • Gas Project Financing Fundamentals
  • Identification and Handling of Risk in Gas Projects

The course includes a number of recent case studies and exercises to help participants understand and optimise the key contractual terms