Offshore Third-party Access and Infrastructure Sharing

Increasingly, oil and gas companies are addressing the risk and cost of hydrocarbon development through infrastructure sharing and third-party access to existing infrastructure. This course addresses the key commercial issues in this area and is CPD accredited.

What you will learn

  • Module 1 (‘Third-party Access’) provides an overview of European legislation and codes applying to third-party access
  • It then addresses in detail the commercial issues associated with transportation and processing agreements, and associated tie-in agreements
  • It also includes a review of the technical issues which impact the commercial and legal terms and guidance on setting tariff levels
  • Module 1 is structured on offshore fields tying into European oil or gas transportation and processing facilities
  • Module 2 (‘Infrastructure Sharing’) covers the principles used to structure the development of infrastructure for use by multiple fields, the establishment of a design basis and capacity rights, operational issues and third-party access issues
  • Module 2 is structured on an FPSO shared between separate fields in accordance with the divided rights concept

Principal Trainer(s)
David McGough

Course Outline

Module 1: Third Party Access

1. Legislation and Related Codes of Practice
2. Key Commercial Issues
3. Inlet Specifications and technical issues
4. Setting of tariffs for multi-user systems

Module 2: Infrastructure Sharing

1. Design, Ownership and Capacity Rights
2. Operational Related Issues
3. Third Party Access

The course uses case studies and short exercises to describe the key commercial issues and risks associated with TPA and infrastructure sharing