Process Engineering Masterclass in LNG Terminals – Onshore & Offshore 

This course will give you all the knowledge you need to either fast track your career or make the switch into the LNG sector. This course will take you through every aspect of process engineering in LNG terminals, both onshore and offshore.

What you will learn

  • Develop strong foundation in Process Engineering in upstream and mid-stream Hydrocarbon Industries.
  • Acquire Process Engineering excellence for LNG terminals and related facilities.
  • Effectively and confidently take part in LNG Import Terminal design, engineering, operation and project Management.
  • Improve plant productivity and efficiency incorporating more optimization program.
  • Understand the special characteristics of LNG Terminal that its contribution in “LNG/gas value chain”
  • Apply matured and experienced expertise in developing plant and Terminal layout that incorporates critical safety features, while accommodating vital equipment – tanks, re-condensers, vaporizers, BOG compressors, pumps, and other equipment including LNG tanker unloading. will be well explained with the purpose for each component.
  • Contribute taking Lead role in developing Operating Guidelines and key trouble shooting aspects.

Course Outline

  • Sharp definition of process Engineering & Key Attributes of Process Engineers.
  • Process Engineering Deliverables (LNG Terminal) encompassing Plant Life cycle and their categorisation.
  • Design Basis and Standard, Code, API-RP, Guide lines etc for process engineering.
  • How to comprehend, develop and prepare important key process deliverables.
  • Process Engineering and cross-functional interdependencies.
  • Process Safety and Process Control & Dynamics.
  • Process Deliverables under the purview of Regulatory companies.
  • Recommended KPI for the Process Engineers – Project & Profession.
  • Process Flow Diagram and Process Description for the LNG Terminals – Import & Export with key differences.
  • Key differentiators and selection criteria for onshore and offshore LNG Terminal impacting process engineering and economics.
  • Various Liquefaction Process Technologies and their applicability.
  • Process Simulation for Liquefaction plant and process facilities for Export and import terminal respectively.
  • State-of-the-art technologies specifically for Regas/Import LNG terminal located on land and near shore/at shore floating terminal(FSRU).
  • Key Features of the capital equipment – Design criteria, Functional specification, cost and vendors/supplier with refence to the Import Terminal.
  • Key safety aspects covering the design and functionality of the facilities – HAZID, HAZOP and QRA.
  • Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in process engineering