Masterclass In LNG Terminal Onshore and Offshore – Design Development & Project Execution

Worldwide use of LNG is increasing by leaps and bounds to augment massive energy requirement in the emerging Asian countries.  Large number of LNG Terminals both Onshore and Offshore are planned for construction in coming few years. This masterclass will teach and train participants how to develop and design terminal Facilities covering pre-treatment,  Liquefaction, storage, transportation and vaporisation  covering both export and import terminals

What you will learn :

  • Design all system, sub-system, equipment with key design basis parameters.
  • Carry out Overall facility design and optimisation – process and process optimisation.
  • Grasp Class Society’s – roles and responsibilities.
  • All applicable codes, standard, guidelines, Industry practices etc.
  • Critical features of project Deliverables – all disciplines
  • Engineering Safety- HAZID, HAZOP and QRA.
  • Understanding and managing technical risk at various stages.
  • Structuring a procurement programme to obtain the best outcome for the smooth sailing project execution.
  • Evaluation of EPC project contract covering technical, commercial and cash flow techniques in a full project life-cycle and full value chain methodology
  • Negotiating Key and capital Equipment vendors on price, delivery and quality assurance & control, and performance linked warranty clause. rates and structures

This course combines lectures with syndicate work and trainer critiques to consolidate learning.  Case studies for LNG Terminal onshore and offshore  will be used according to course participant’s interests.

Principal Trainer

Tushar Poddar

Course Outline

1.Market overview and Different stakeholders – developers, financiers, EPC contractors etc.

2.Project Drivers, Strategic planning and Final Investment Decision.

3.Gas Processing and pre-treatment overview focusing on critical design aspects that effects Capex and Opex.

4.Various Liquefaction Technologies – pros and cons.

5.Various Storage and containment –  Pros and cons.

6.Various Types of vaporisers – Pros and cons

7.Front-End Engineering Design: rationale and requirement.

8.EPC Project Execution various phases as viewed  through the lens of:

a)Project planning. Scheduling, monitoring and measurement.



d)Construction/ conversion and pre-operations phase

e)Sail-away and arrival

f)Hook-up and commissioning

g)Operations phase

h)Offtake arrangements

i)Managing performance risk

9.Interface Management among all stake holders and critical vendors.

10.Project Risk Management.