Multi-User FSRU Terminal Use Agreements 

The FSRU market is on the rise with a new and exciting growth rate. This workshop will examine the commercial structuring of LNG terminals and the special considerations needed for FSRU.

What you will learn

  • How to identify special considerations for FSRU
  • An understanding of the regulatory considerations for FSRU and LNG
  • How to determine the modes of usage for LNG regasification
  • An ability to draft and manage Terminal User Agreements for LNG, specifically FSRU
  • To master the management of multiple users at an LNG regasification terminal
  • The art of negotiation access and tariffs
  • Key terminology to be used in terminal user agreements

Principal Trainer

Yvonne Barton

Course Outline

1. Overview of the LNG import terminals worldwide & recent trends

2.Key characteristics of LNG regasification terminals

3.Special considerations for FSRU

4.Commercial importance of regasification in the LNG chain

5.Modes of usage of LNG regasification

6.Regulatory considerations

7.Multiple users – case study – Modelling the scheduling and operations of a regasification terminal

8.Terminal use agreement terms

9.Terminal User contracts

10.Inter-User agreements

11.Tariff designs